FAQ About Moving

How much does it cost to move?

The cost of moving can vary significantly based on a wide variety of factors. Many moving companies operate on an hourly basis, so larger moving projects will be charged a higher fee than smaller ones. On average, a crew of two movers will charge approximately $100 an hour. However, this can vary significantly. Rates are usually higher in cities and metropolitan areas.

What should I do to prepare for moving day?

Since most moving companies charge on an hourly basis, it’s a good idea to make their work as quick and easy as possible. Before the movers arrive at your house, it’s important to have all your stuff packed securely in boxes. Don’t leave small items scattered around the home. If movers have to help you pack up your items, your move will end up costing significantly more.

How should I pack delicate items?

Delicate items, such as kitchenware and glasses, should be packed individually in newspaper. Each glass should be separately wrapped. No delicate items should come in contact with any others. When packing delicate items into boxes, it’s a good idea to avoid making the boxes very heavy. It’s easier to drop heavy boxes than lighter ones. If you have very delicate items such as computers, it may be a good idea to transport them on your own. That way, you’ll know they’re being treated with the level of care and respect they need.

How should I pack large electronics like televisions?

Flat screen television should be packed into its original box for transport. If the original box is no longer available, the television should be wrapped in cardboard. Make sure to tape a piece of cardboard over the entire screen to reduce the risk of scratches during the moving process.

What about items like washing machines and dryers?

Large appliances like washing machines and dryers require special consideration. In most cases, the only thing you can do is disconnect them. For the washing machine, make sure to disconnect the water and the electric line. For the dryer, make sure to disconnect the electric and the exhaust. If you plan on moving these items, make sure to tell your movers in advance. That way, they’ll be prepared to move heavier items. Do not run your washing machine on the day it’s being moved. In many cases, water can pool at the bottom of a washer, making it more difficult to move.

How long will it take the movers to pack up my home?

In most cases, it will only take a team of two movers a few hours to pack up your home. As long as all your home items have been securely packed into boxes, it shouldn’t take very long at all to move. However, if you haven’t done the right preparation, the moving process could take much longer.