Our Movers’ Top 7 Tips for a Successful New York City Apartment Move

New York is an interesting, chaotic and wonderful place, but it can be a huge hassle to move from apartment to apartment. This guide from the best apartment movers New York lays out some good pointers to help you retain your sanity and get settled in comfortably and without spending a fortune.

1. Timing and planning is key

Although weekends are the most convenient time to undertake a move, NYC leases usually start on the first of the month. A good rule of thumb for most is to try to move either a few days before or a few days after the lease starts. Coordinating here with both landlords –- the one in your old building and your new one — can save you a bundle of trouble. Most landlords will hand over the keys to your new apartment a few days before, which also makes it much easier to move as the process can be spread over a few days.

Alternatively — although it is far less convenient — save some real money by moving on “off” times, for instance during the week or in the middle of the month. Weekends and the top and bottom of the month are when movers are in highest demand.


2. Take stock

A move is a good opportunity to take a reckoning of your possessions. While you can sell, donate or throw away some of your things –- especially stuff that you never use or don’t realistically plan on using –- this will also allow you to figure out how many boxes you’ll need. Figuring out how many boxes you’ll be moving can help a mover estimate the expected costs of moving. Click this link for a free tool to help you calculate how many boxes you’ll need.

Pro tip: Don’t pack clothes in boxes –- instead, fold them into garbage bags. Also, when sourcing free boxes from stores avoid boxes that contained any food as the smell can easily permeate your stuff.

Sell items that you can do without on Craigslist or eBay, or put up fliers in your building. Just a couple benefits of downsizing are that your move will be less costly and easier.

3. Get connected and stay cool in the summer

Be sure to find out who the cable/Internet provider is in your new building so you can have them get your Wi-Fi and cable going as soon as possible. Also, save yourself from unnecessary suffering when moving in summer by installing A/C before moving day.

4. Consider hiring workers

If you’re transferring any heavy or fragile objects, you should consider hiring professional movers. Risking hurting your back isn’t worth it. Try to budget at least $400 for a smaller move.

Useful info to provide movers includes:

  • Number of rooms;
  • Amount of bigger items;
  • How many boxes;
  • Number of floors in old and new building;
  • If a freight elevator is available.

5.  Gather vital packing supplies

These include:

  • Boxes of varying size — liquor stores and dry goods stores are great sources for these;
  • Trash bags;
  • Large markers for labeling;
  • Cleaning supplies;
  • Box cutters;
  • Packing tape.

6. Have some cash on hand for tipping your workers

While five percent per worker is standard, consider giving a bit more if the service was great.

7. Ask friends for help and smooth things out with beer and pizza

One useful task for a friend is to stand on truck-watch to head off any double-parking tickets. If the fridge is set up, get the beer chilling as soon as possible so everyone can enjoy a cold one -– if that’s your thing — at the end of a hard, but successful, moving day.

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