The Cheaper Way to Move Appliances Across the Country

When it’s time to move to another state across the country, there’s more to pack than just clothing and the small items that you have inside your home. You might also have to move heavy appliances! If you follow a few packing tips, then you can get all of your appliances ready to load onto a truck and across the country in one piece. The first thing that you need to do is determine what you need to keep and what you can leave behind. Some of the larger appliances might be in your new home already, so you might not need to transport them. This would save you money and time since you wouldn’t need to use additional resources to pack and ship these appliances. Hiring a professional appliance moving company might be the easy way out, but here are some tips if you want to move the appliances yourself.

1. Get The Proper Supplies to Move Heavy Appliances

No matter the size of the appliances you’re packing, you need to find boxes that are the right size, as well as other materials that will keep your appliances from breaking or getting damaged during the move. A professional moving company often has the materials that you would need and can pack your appliances if you don’t have the time. Try to find the original box for smaller appliances. Get Styrofoam and packing pellets that you can put between lids so that they don’t break. Invest in heavy-duty tape to secure boxes that are used. Packing paper and bubble wrap are items that you might need as well. They can be wrapped around larger appliances that you’re shipping as they will usually not fit inside a box.

2. Equipment To Move Appliances

Large appliances aren’t easy to move without some assistance. A furniture blanket can be placed underneath large appliances to make it easier to move them. It’s also a good idea to get a dolly to assist with moving larger pieces. Make sure there are straps around the appliances that are moved from the home and onto the truck. When the appliances are on the truck, secure them in place with moving straps so that they don’t move around. Strong ropes can be used if you don’t have straps. You might want to ask a few people to help you move the appliances so that you don’t strain your back or legs.

3. How to Move Appliances Without Damaging Surfaces

When you’re moving appliances and getting it out of one home and into another, you need to take the proper precautions so as not to damage the floors or walls. Cardboard under the appliances is an option as well as wrapping the appliances in moving plastic. Consider putting cushions on the walls when you get the appliances out of and into each home.

If you live in a building or condo with strict regulations, make sure the movers take extra special care to not damage the unit when they are maneuvering the appliances. Often the dings and damage is not realized until the apartment manager does a walk-through and then may decide to withhold part of your deposit. At this point in time, it may be too late to talk with the apartment moving service about particular issues. Watch your movers closely while they are handling the heavy appliances.

When appliances are transported across the country, it’s best to use a moving truck or a truck that is enclosed so that the weather isn’t an issue. If you’re shipping using a postal service, you need to make sure the proper fees are paid and that there is tracking information so that you know where your belongings are in the country and when they arrive at the new home.

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